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Feet and Hand Reflexology Addison, TX

Reflexology / Hands & Feet

Reflexology in Addison, TX & Foot massage in Addison, TX

 Best in Reflexology

Our reflexologists are flat out the best in Dallas. With extremely strong hands and extensive training, they are dedicated to providing a healing touch and a stress-relieving experience.

Felax Reflexology

Includes aromatherapy foot bath and complimentary Tea or Wine 

The benefit of reflexology - Foot massage; reduce stress and anxiety, lift mood, improve general well-being

boost their immune system, clear up sinus issues, recover from back problems, correct hormonal imbalances

boost fertility, improve digestion, ease arthritis pain

30 minutes $40 

40 minutes $50 

60 minutes $59


Felax signature combo

Simply Focused On Quality

Massage Felax employs outstanding massage therapists.

Our team is dedicated to providing the most therapeutic experience in Dallas. Whether you need to relieve stresses, muscle pain, or both, our staff has the training, experience, and desire to meet your needs.

Our most popular Service is the Signature Combo which is a combination of reflexology or Vichy shower and full body massage.

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