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Facial / Massage Felax and Spa Addison TX

Felax Skin Care

Facial in Addison, TX & Skincare in Addison, TX

At Massage Felax and Spa, we’ve built our business upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry.

More than just facials, each of our offerings is transformative treatments that cumulatively, over time, are guaranteed to provide lasting, time-reversing results. Clean Beauty is part of our skincare philosophy so most of the products used in our treatments are highly concentrated and active and provide extraordinary results.

Introductory offer



45 minutes $85 | New customers & Monday - Thursday only


This customized treatment begins with a deep double cleanse, followed by a manual or enzymatic exfoliation to resurface the skin. Extractions are included for impacted and clogged pores. Finish with vitamin-enhanced oxygen therapy for deep hydration, and step out with fresh, smooth, and revitalized skin.


Skin type: All skin types

Concerns: Mild congestion, dehydration, dullness

Includes: Professional-grade enzymes and + vitamin-enriched oxygen treatment


45 minutes $95

60 minutes $115


A tailored facial for the fellas - with or without a beard. This treatment kicks off with a deep pore cleanse and skin-smoothing microdermabrasion. A spot lactic mask treatment on the face and neck tackles ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. Finally, a custom oxygen or hydra spot treatment to kill acne-causing bacteria while giving your skin an intense boost of hydration and nutrition. You’ll head out feeling firmer, brighter, and revitalized, basically, like a new man.


Skin type: All skin types

Concerns: Congestion, shaving irritation, dehydration, dryness

Includes: Professional-grade enzymes, vitamin-enriched oxygen treatment and intense moisture hydra treatment


45 minutes $95



Created just for teens. This pore-purifying facial is formulated to treat and prevent breakouts, control oil production, reduce redness and inflammation, and hydrate. We start with a deep double cleanse, a professional exfoliation to decongest the skin, extractions, and then LED therapy to kill bacteria deep in the pores. This is followed by a sulfur mask to further decongest and reduce redness in the skin and finishes with a customized cocktail of hydrating serums and a full water treatment for maximum glow.


Skin type: Oily, hormonal, acne-prone

Concerns: Acne/blemishes, heavy congestion, excessive oiliness, redness, and irritation


45 minutes $105


Reveal your most youthful skin yet with this age-defying treatment. A light exfoliation renews the skin, followed by a full session of our muscle-stimulating technology to visibly lift the brow, cheek and jawline. The skin is treated with a super-dose of hyaluronic acid and a vitamin-enriched oxygen blast to hydrate, plump and condition. Finish with red LED therapy to boost elasticity, collagen production, and product absorption. A must for achieving smooth, supple, ageless skin.


Skin type: Mature -or- those seeking aging prevention/corrective care

Concerns: Elasticity, wrinkles, dullness, dehydration

Includes: Professional-grade enzymes and Vitamin-enriched oxygen treatment + LED Therapy


60 minutes $135


Radically rejuvenate your skin for hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, dehydration, and dullness. This facial begins with a custom double cleanse followed by derma-rolling to re-texturize and brighten while encouraging deeper absorption of products. Next, the skin is treated to vitamins and oxygen therapy for intense hydration and nourishment, followed by LED therapy to stimulate collagen. With smooth, radiant, revitalized results, it’s like hitting the reset button on your skin.


Skin type: All skin types except sensitive or acne-prone skin

Concerns: Dryness, dullness, dehydration, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation

Includes: Professional-grade enzymes + Vitamin-enriched oxygen treatment + LED Therapy


60 minutes $130

75 minutes $155



A method of exfoliation that not only focuses on deep cleansing and resurfacing uneven texture but also deeply hydrates your skin with water, essence and oxygen. This facial will leave you feeling dewy and hydrated.


Skin Types: All skin types

Includes: Professional grade Hydra machine, galvanic frequency and oxygenated water  


60 minutes $115


A double-exfoliation facial that includes the dermaplane technique paired with a custom enzyme peel. This facial is geared towards removing a build-up of dead skin, dirt and oil while allowing serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Skin Types: Uneven texture, dullness, dehydration. Not for severe acne skin Types.

Includes: Professional grade Hydra machine, galvanic frequency and oxygenated water  

70 minutes $125


60 minute duration
This 60-Minute Session includes a double cleansing of your back, gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, extractions and a customized mask. This service addresses breakouts and acne.


Duration: 1 hour
semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes, much like a perm. By bending your natural lashes over a curved silicone shield and applying a perming solution, a lash technician can set the shape of your natural lashes into an upward and realistic curl. 


Duration: 1 hour
semi permanent, noninvasive procedure that temporarily adjusts the direction of the natural brow
pattern for a fuller and fluffier stylistic appearance. Only done with tinting.

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