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Vichy shower THERAPY


Real stress reliever with signature full body rainfall Vischy shower

Massage Felax offers superior service to Addison, TX


Something Special

Share a Relaxing Massage with Someone Special 2

Sometimes it is easy to get sucked into a repetitive cycle for date night. The dinner and a movie routine can begin to get old after a while. Why not spice it up with something different that you will both enjoy? Couples massages are a great way to spend your date night. You get to spend time together in a relaxing environment and leave feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Best Couples Massage in Addison TX

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Full body Massage / Massage Felax and Spa Addison TX
Hot Stone Massage / Massage Felax and Spa Addison TX
Vichy shower Massage / Massage Felax and Spa Addison TX
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Waxing service Addsion TX / Massage Felax and Spa
Facial / Massage Felax and Spa Addison TX
Hot stone back massage
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About Our Spa

Experienced Therapists

​When it comes to a massage, what matters most is the therapist. Our team has an average of 8 years of experience. Education/knowledge of anatomy, quality table-side manner, and utmost professionalism.
Our therapists cater every massage to your specific needs while utilizing a variety of massage modalities (methods to manipulate the muscles' tissues.)


Focused on Quality

As a leading massage and esthetician team in Addison-Dallas, our only focus is providing exceptional bodywork with first-rate service. Most people don't know there are dozens of massage modalities. The best massage will be customized to the customer and will actually incorporate multiple different modalities as opposed to just "deep tissue."


No Contracts

Our spa competitors have pushy employees who are incentivized to upsell unnecessary services and lock you into long-term contracts which are a hassle to terminate.


Your Senses 

Massage Felax and spa offers every facet of massage and body treatment services. We are a highly skilled team of Licensed Therapists with a penchant for quality bodywork and a service-first mission to leave our clients feeling their best. 
Massage Felax Offers Superior Spa Services to Addison, TX!

Kick start your wellness program by taking advantage of a professional massage therapist serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Always seek out a talented massage therapist to ensure that your treatment is both effective and safe.

The essence of massage therapy is the manipulation of the muscles that control your body. If you are not visiting a professionally trained and talented massage therapist, you could be risking your health. Incorrect treatment can cause or exacerbate injuries. Never visit a massage therapist unless you are sure of their credentials.

Massage Felax only offers quality massage therapy and reflexology from talented, trained specialists. Visit us in the Dallas— Fort Worth metroplex for high-end sports, Swedish, and deep tissue massage.

If you have not tried it yet, do not hesitate to schedule a reflexology appointment at Massage Felax and experience the highly effective, restorative effects of this special treatment.

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